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Swap your children’s
good clothes that don’t fit,
for good clothes that do.

Only $2.00 per swap.
Nothing to swap? Each item is only $2.50 per piece.

How Does It Work?

(inside our local store)

  • Start by bringing in any amount of children’s clothing sizes NB-Adult small.
  • We count & check clothes for defects.
  • All you have to do is shop around till you find what you like.
  • Perfect now it’s time to check out.
  • Buying & swapping the same amount? $2.00 per swap.
  • Buying more than swapping? $2.00 per swap of same amount. Items over same amount $2.50 each.
  • Buying less than swapping? $2.00 per swap of same amount.Additional items can be taken home, donated or credited.

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    (Physical Store Closed due to Stay at Home orders)

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